It was just after my holiday,
midst of June but it was cold and grey.
All my thoughts where pretty much elsewhere,
when i looked around, and saw you standing there.
Whenever you walk by I wish you would notice me.
O o please, why can't you see?
So very shy,
Don't dare to try,
I'd rather die.
All my life there was something amiss;
No one drew my attention like this.
You seemed cute, addorably yet shy,
so very special - I wanted to know why.
Whatever place you go, I dream I could go with you,
If you just would ask me to.
Please come to me!
Please talk to me!
Why can't you see?
Today we were standing face to face,
instantly my heart went for a race.
I was thrilled from looking in your eyes,
almost failed to see you were nervous likewise.
Each time I hear your name or voice, I can't help but smile...
only for a little while.
You're unaware
of how I care
and want to share.
You just smiled about something I've said -
wanted to speak but startled instead.
Hard to believe you could be so shy,
And I couldn't help but to smile in reply.
The thought of being close to you, makes me feel complete
you are all I'll ever need.
Each time near you
a dream comes true
what can I do?
Days later you left without goodbye.
I miss you, I can't understand why.
You are gone but my feelings remain
But instead of love, it's now sorrow and pain
All memories of you, all things that you've said and done
is all that's left to hold on
Each day, each tear
so hard to bear
Come back, my dear!?!
I wonder which words where on your mind,
why you backed off and left me behind.
And now the only thing I wish for
is that I see you, see you smiling once more.
My whole life I'd devote to you, but you are so blind;
Yet you're always on my mind.
I'm still waiting,
loving, hating,
my heart's aching.